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Cardless rotary cutting machine related content introduction

Nov,06,2019 << Return list

  The cardless rotary cutting machine has no card shaft mechanical transmission rotary cutting machine, which is suitable for rotating the remaining wood core of the card shaft rotary cutting machine and then continuously cutting into a single board, and can also be used for cutting a small diameter material into a single board. The cardless rotary cutting machine is mainly composed of a frame, a double roll system, a single roll system, a tool holder, a transmission system, an electrical system and the like.


  The cardless rotary cutting machine has the following characteristics, which are described as follows:


  A: The thickness of the rotary cutting is controlled by a computer program, and the man-machine interface has high precision of peeling.


  B: The swallowtail slide is advanced and retractable, and the adjustment is convenient. The anti-shock auxiliary slide is added under the original foundation to make the machine more stable.


  C: Using the cam feed structure, the cam is made of high-quality steel and carburized for durability.


  D: The requirements for manual technology are not high, and the machine is under normal rotation and the error is ±0.1mm.


  E: The roller is treated with chrome to improve the wear resistance of the stick.