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Rotary cutting machine safety use matters to keep in mind

Nov,06,2019 << Return list

  Rotary cutting machine plays an important role in wood processing, especially in the plywood production line, which cuts the logs one by one into thin-thick veneers, which are then spliced, glued, pressed, and sawed. Such a plywood is completed. This article is mainly for everyone to pay attention to some safety issues when using rotary cutting equipment, how to use it safely, please keep in mind.


  Firstly, the user is required to stand on the side of the machine. After the machine is started, do not stand in the range of the machine; adjust the size of the wood. After entering the machine, the machine speed should not be adjusted evenly. If the logs are not fixed, the intermittent veneers will be unscrewed, causing losses and continuous production. The bent wood of the logs will also spin out the broken pieces. To check the operation of the equipment, the installation of the components is correct. After the rotary cutting is completed, the wooden shafts remaining on the rotary cutter should be removed with tools such as wooden sticks. Remember not to take them by hand to avoid danger.